Process of whitening the skin

Skin whitening is all the hype in the world today. Skin whitening is more than just a product that will lighten your skin color, it is more of a form of making the skin tone and skin color even altogether. The older we get, our skin renews many times over, which sometimes cause  the colors in the skin to become concentrated in one area of the  skin and less dense in other areas, thus creating some areas to be dark and others to be light. Youthful  skin produces and regenerates skin cells with out effort, which refresh  the old dead skin cells. When we get older, new skin cells cease in  production, and the old and dead skin cells don’t get replenish. Which in the skin care you use, some dead skin cells become dark and are hard to get rid of. Which in case, certain patches of the skin become darker than the surrounding  skin, which results in a unfavorable appearance. This “blotchy” process  makes the skin look dirty.

In a case like this, whitening the skin becomes  a major option to get rid of the dirty look and give a healthy, even, glowing  skin tone. To initialize the process and to lighten the skin is to get  rid of the old dead skin cells, these dead skin cells are what cause  discolorization. In dermatologist clinics across the US, this is done with a skin peel, done either with microabrasives,  chemicals or lasers. It mimics scraping the old dead skin layer off,  exposing the new skin layer. But it doesn’t stop with revealing the new  skin layers because there are factors that can cause the new skin layer  to assume a darker pigment. This is where the second process of skin  whitening comes in, the application of an ingredient which will slow down or stop the pigment production process in the new skin layer.  And the result is that you’ve just given yourself a new layer of skin,  unblemished skin. And the third part of skin whitening is to protect the  new skin from agents that cause it to darken, like the sun. This is  where antioxidants and sunscreens in your skin cream become important.

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    1. Hello Arwen,Thank you for emailing. I have aernwsed this same question on may occasions and completely relate to your confusion. If you look over all of my responses throughout this site, you will see that both Dr. Obagi and I advocate use around the eyes.. This is where skin is usually most damaged, with respect to fine lines and wrinkles.Lets clarify the correct usage of each item.Cleansers: Used all over the entire face, including eyelids.Toner: Used UNDER the eyes and the entire face (no eyelids).Clear: Used over the entire face INCLUDING under your eyes and your eye lids. Exfoderm: Used under the eyes (avoid the eyelids)Blender & Tretinoin Cream: Used around the entire eye area as well 2 days a week. The skin around the eye area is much thinner (epidermis) in comparison to the skin on the rest of the face (such as the cheeks). It takes a lot less product to induce correction, thus results.. Also, a lot less product induces the temporary reaction associated with the entire Nu-Derm system.Eye Cream: An excellent idea to complement/enhance results and provide comfort. The best ones for anti-aging are either the ZO Skin Health Olluminate (especially if you also have dark circles) OR the Elastiderm (Obagi Nu-Derm). Use 2xs a day, before sunscreen in the AM and as your last step during your PM routine. Remember, as with the face, the skin around the eyes may TEMPORARILY look worse, as the program dries skin out to shed damaged layers and stimulate the growth of new cells and healthy layers. The dryness causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to be more prominent. You are NOT getting more wrinkles. If you do become overly irritated around the eyes, back off for a few days then resume again.You don’t need to saturate the eye area with product. Apply to your entire face first, and spread in a thin layer around eyes. Best,Sandra ObagiMedical Esthetician

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    1. Dear Dr. Obagi,Thank you for your recommendations which I am going to floolw. Your explanation of cell turnover and skin renewal/rejuvination convinced me not to put the NuDerm Exfoderm away entirely as I do not want skin cell renewal to come to a screeching halt so I think using it 2-3 times a week maybe adequate for my skin type. I do want to keep the keep cell turnover going and I agree with the exfoliation of the dead cells enabling the absorption of your other skin care products.Regarding my NuDerm Maintenance Regimen:(1) I find my skin feels tight and dry after cleansing with the NuDerm Gentle Cleanser and floolwing with the Toner. My skin should not feel like this after cleansing, correct? Should I switch to the Offects Hydrating Cleanser while in the maintenace phase?(2) Still will continue to use NuDerm Clear and Exfoderm, as we previously discussed. Look forward to receiving the Ommerse Daily Renewal Creme and Ossential growth Factor Serum that I ordered and will use as you recommended. I also have Obagi 10% Vitamin C what recommended by my previous dermatologist to help counteract my dryness. What is your recommendation for that serum as of right now?(3) My eyes..Two issues here are: dry,crepey eyelids which droop now thanks to Mother Nature and undereye bags which I have had for a long time and they have gotten worse too naturally. Currently I use two products:AM- Obagi Elastiderm creme (okay but not estatic) and PM- MD Forte Skin Rejuvenation for Eyes (good but I would rather be using your line). As for the bags, I am realistic that nothing topical is going to reduce them to perfectly youthful appearing eyes. I have no probelm with tolerating the retinoid products so what would advise here?Thank you for your advise, it is truly a blessing to be able to consult with you personally. I just can not get over it! Absolutely love the Oraser produsts for the hand and body and as I really like the Oclipse sample of the sunscreen, I can not wait for my full size to arrive!Hope all is well with you and I greatly appreciate your time,Anne

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